Battles between players can involve up to 4 monsters per side.
Bitmonster is a game inspired by Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule
Different varieties of monster crypto stones are used in the Bitmonster universe. Each type of stone has special features. There is a probability of success as well as a risk of failure. Monster Immorta -Success 50% (HP5%) Legendary -Success 45% (HP10%) Epic -Success 40% (HP15%) Rare -Success 35% (HP20%) Common -Success 30% (HP25%)
All Stone
Crypto Stone Stone (Immorta) +Success 80% Stone (Legendary) +Success 70% Stone (Epic) +Success 60% Stone (Rare) +Success 50% Stone (Common) +Success 40%
Monster catching When a monster is weak to a certain point, players are allowed to capture monsters. Afterward, monsters are turned into NFT cards.
Items can be traded to other gamers by players. or might be used just by oneself